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Jenasol Overview

Jenasol is a company that manufactures a number of different health supplements for men and women. They have a wide range of supplements that address sexual issues for both sexes, including their male performance product ’30 Minute Miracle’. It is not clear as to why it is called this as the product claims to help delay ejaculation for 15 – 60 minutes, allowing for supported pleasure for both partners. It is not stated how fast acting Jenasol’s product is but it should be taken on a daily basis to maintain results.

The Jenasol website is very easy to navigate and includes doctor and customer testimonials. However, no clinical study research is shown and there are no details regarding returns or refunds.

Jenasol Product Details

The full ingredient list is provided on the website and the formula appears to contain a number of herbs that relax the body and relieve anxiety. This should have the effect of delaying orgasm for longer by prohibiting the urge to ejaculate. It is particularly useful for men who suffer from premature ejaculation which according to the company is one in three.

Among the herbs listed are Chamomile and Valerian, both well-known for their calming effects, plus Motherwort Leaf Powder, 5-HTP, Celery Seed and Inosital. All ingredient amounts are shown, but no detailed explanations are given as to how they work.

It is recommended that 30 Minute Miracle is taken at a dose of one capsule per day, and a one month supply costs $24.95 when ordered from the secure ordering site.

Good About Jenasol

  • Jenasol is affordable
  • The ingredient list is provided
  • Customer testimonials are given
  • Jenasol is a reputable company
  • Special offers and discounts are offered
  • Purchases are secure

Bad About Jenasol

  • No scientific research is available
  • No money back guarantees are provided
  • The ingredients are not adequately explained
  • The product only addresses premature ejaculation, not
  • testosterone production etc.
  • No company address is given

Jenasol The Bottom Line

Anyone suffering from premature ejaculation is probably willing to try anything that might help solve the problem and given the amount to relaxing herbs in this product, 30 Minute Miracle should have a positive effect. However, for anyone hoping to add stamina and support their libido, this would not be a suitable product and may in fact have the reverse effect.